The winners of The Best Speleo Photo 2006

The photo contest is over... The voting in Internet was unexpectedly active maybe because the information about the contest reached the international audience. Briefly about the rules of evaluation: we chose the best photos in the categories depending on the voting results in Internet (photo rating was multiplied by the number of the voters). Three best photos of each category were printed and exposed during the season closing feast. Some of the photos that looked very beautiful on the computer screen became unimpressive when printed; the others on the contrary - only when printed they revealed the real beauty in themselves. The one best speleo photo was elected from all the printed photos.

All photos of the contest are in the galery

The best speleo photo' 2006

Giedrius Steiblys. Gedas in the Cow's Hole (Lithuanian cave)

The best photo in category: The man and the cave
The most popular photo (46 votes)

Irena Gudaitienė. A window to the light

The best photo in category: The portrait of the caver

Vidmantas Balkūnas. Self-portrait

The best photo in category: The photo of underground landscape

Martas Paulauskas. No name

The best photo in category: Expedition report

Aidas Gudaitis. Zhenya working as a counterweight

The best photo in category: Mоuntain landscape

Irena Gudaitienė. The panoramic view from the mountain Arabica

The funniest photo

Daiva Letukaitė. Speleo donkey

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